At Trinity, we believe that faith in Jesus Christ is a gift from God — given freely, neither earned nor deserved.

When faith begins, its development continues for a lifetime. Taking the faith journey means living out a commitment to make Jesus Christ the Lord of Life. 

The faith journey begins in infancy with the Rite of Holy Baptism, continues from age three through adulthood with Christian Education classes.   Please check our Events Calendar for times and dates of classes and activities.

New Member Classes are offered as needed.

First Communion - Any baptized person, regardless of age, may take first communion, provided that the person receive instruction from the pastor and has the approval of both his/her parents/guardians and the pastor.

We have a two year confirmation program to instruct our youth beginning in the 6th grade.  At the end of the instruction classes, the youth affirm their faith and become adult members of the congregation.

We offer a Bible Study before worship beginning at 9:15 am to discuss the Gospel Lesson for the day.

We offer other Bible Studies throughout the year. (check the calendar)