Ladies group "GIGGLES" (Girls In God Growing Learning Eating Sharing) began in 2013.  This is a woman's fellowship group focuses their meetings on outreach projects, having a snack and having lots of laughs.  This group meets once a month.  Occasionally, they take road trips to the lake or Shipshewana.  

During the year 2017, the group has taken on an outreach project in cooperation with the 500th Anniversary of the 500th Reformation.  The group is making baby quilts for Darke County Pregnancy Center and Rustic Hope.  Their hope was to make 95 (like the thesis that Martin Luther nailed on the church doors in Wittenberg, German in 1517) however, they made over 400 and are still making them!  All ladies are welcome to join in the group at any time.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic during 2020, our Giggles group of ladies made approximately 1500 facemasks that were distributed to our members, friends, Spirit Transport, Nursing Homes and other first responders.

  Learning how to decorate               Packing shoe boxes for Operation Delivering quilts to Darke Co.                                  Facemask galore       cakes and cupcakes Christmas Child       Pregnancy Center