Christmas Giving Cross

Trinity members have the opportunity to give a “special” Christmas to families in the Versailles area each Christmas. This program is sponsored by Versailles Council of Churches.

These families have encountered hardships and will find it difficult to have Christmas gifts for their children. Giving to these families is a witness to God’s love as we "Celebrate God’s Grace By Sharing His Love With All people!"

There is a Christmas cross (“The Giving Cross”) at the back of the church during the Advent season where you can...

  • Take off a tag(s) - which will give you the item, size and who the gift will be for

  • Purchase the gift(s)

  • Christmas wrap the gift(s)

    • Bring your gift(s) to the church and place it (them) under “The Giving Cross”

Please include on each package the name and the family number (which will be on the tag you pick off of the tree).

Thank you for sharing your generous spirit in giving to others at the holiday season!

Contact Rhonda Poling if you have any questions.