Back Pack

    The mission of the Back Pack Program is to meet the needs of hungry children by providing them with nutritious and easy-to- prepare food to take home on weekends when other resources are not available.  One in five children in Ohio live in poverty and struggle with hunger.  Every weekend the children go without things that other children have.  Food shouldn’t be one of them!!!

   Grace Resurrection in Greenville is the organizer of this program and the central location for Darke County.  The Shared Harvest Food Bank in Fairfield, Ohio is the supplier.  They deliver the non-perishable food to Greenville once a month for grades K-4 during the school year.

   Our responsibility at Trinity is to use “Our Hands to do God’s Work” on this outreach ministry.  We have someone pick up each months food supply in Greenville and bring it back to Trinity.  We then pack the food for each week's delivery.  

    Every Friday, we deliver the packages of food to the Versailles Elementary School. 

    When the food is delivered to the school, a designated person from the school will deliver the sacks of food to the classroom where teachers will confidentially slip the bags of food into the students’ backpacks.  

   Trinity went one step further and decided that the children who received the school back pack food needed food throughout the summer as well.  During the summer of 2014, we began purchasing and packing a grocery bag full of food to tide them over for the week.  In the summer of 2021, we still continue this ministry.