Staff and Council

Pastor Ippy Mwakabonga


Pastor Ippy began his ministry at Trinity & Friedens on Reformation Sunday, October 25, 2020.

He and his wife, Stella, are from Tanzania but have lived in the United States since 2004. They have two sons.

Kim Klipstine

Financial Secretary 937-459-6846

Kim has held the position of Financial Secretary since August 2005.

She also serves as Chairperson of Stewardship/Finance, organizes GIGGLES (lady's group) and is the Youth Leader for the High School Students.

Karen Lawrence

Office Manager & Organist 937-526-3829

Karen has held the position of church organist since 1969.

She has been the office manager since 1993.

Karen also serves on the Worship & Music Committee.

Andrew (A.J.) Luft



A.J. began his duties as the Church Treasurer in January 2016.

He also serves on the Church Council and Property Committee.

Karen Schultz

Publicity and Communications 937-526-3732

Karen began her duties in Publicity and Communications in January 2013.

She also serves as chairperson for Family Ministry.

Shellie Lewis

Indoor Custodian


Shellie began as indoor custodian in August 2015.

Shellie also serves on the Church Council, Family Ministry and Outreach Committees.


Shawn Agne

Steve Bey

Kevin Henninger

Shellie Lewis

A. J. Luft

Angie Lyme

Jessica Lyme

A.J. Magoto

Jamie McGlinch

Matt Pulfer

Diane Schrader


President - A.J. Magoto

Vice President - Shellie Lewis

Secretary - Jessica Lyme

Treasurer - A. J. Luft